Rushlight 1.0 Mod 0

Rushlight 1.0 Mod 0 ™

Rapid point of use sterilization

The Rushlightâ„¢ confirms delivery of germicidal payload with 4 selectable exposure cycles. Effective sterilization can be achieved in as little as 7.85 seconds when cycle 1 is selected. Cycle 4 delivers the maximum exposure that CDC guidelines suggest can be utilized without hastening degradation of N95 filters, in 3 minutes or less. The growing body of peer-reviewed literature suggest that the exposures achieved in any cycle will yield a 99.9999% or greater reduction in all pathogens of concern in the hospital setting. The inner reactor chamber is designed to optimize uniform and repeatable delivery of germicidal light to all surfaces simultaneously. The high-efficiency reflective coatings employed in the internal reactor are intrinsically antimicrobial and extremely resistant to biofilm formation. External hard coatings with proven efficacy against the most virile pathogens, to include Clostridia, reduce the risk of the unit itself being a source of infection. Smaller than most microwaves and weighing in around 20 pounds, it may be easily transported to facilitate rapid disinfection or supplemental sterilization in any setting.

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The Rushlight™

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