Our patent pending technology allows a health care provider to rapidly and reliably sterilize equipment following all patient encounters. Current research suggests this method does not degrade the efficiency of N95 masks or pose a risk to the integrity of items such as a stethoscope. The system is outfitted with a sensor suite that confirms the level of UV-C radiation, accepted by the CDC to achieve sterilization, has been delivered. The system is designed to be easily man portable with carrying handles so it may be dynamically moved across a hospital depending on demand. The device does not require specialized training to conduct general maintenance. It requires no costly maintenance plan, or use of expendables on a daily, weekly, or even yearly basis.


The device does not replace existing equipment. It will not impair the implementation of other systems designed to address similar problems. No restrictions on Government use are known or anticipated. Technical data will be available unless the specifics are protected under patent law. Software is not required for the designs in their current configuration nor is it necessary for the use of the units.

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