Forge Applied Science & Technology Introduces Breakthrough Sterilization Device

Quincy IL: May 5, 2021- Forge Applied Science & Technology LLC (“F.A.S.T”) is proud to announce, the release of the Rushlight 1.0.

Delivering omnidirectional UV-C radiation in a highly efficient design. The Rushlight™ treats all contiguous surfaces simultaneously, making it the only UV system to meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) requirements to be considered a sterilization unit. The Rushlight™ reactor confirms delivery of exposures accepted to achieve a 99.9999% reduction in pathogens that include Clostridium Difficile (“C. diff”), Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, and SARS-CoV-2.

There are no timers, no estimates, and no guesswork. The proprietary sensor suite monitors exposures in real-time, only initiating its shutdown cycle when the minimum exposure threshold has been reached. The optical properties of all reactor surfaces have been thoroughly assessed to guarantee repeatable results. All exterior surfaces of the Rushlight™ are coated with an antimicrobial clear coat featuring silver/zinc ion technology that provides continuous protection by deactivating viruses and eliminating bacteria and fungi. The ion coating is extremely durable and proven effective against highly contagious pathogens. All high-touch areas and controls of the Rushlight™ are purposely flattened and can be easily cleaned making them ideal for any environment.

F.A.S.T has witnessed the continued challenge that frontline healthcare workers face of rationing PPE (personal protective equipment) due to shortages from constant reuse. Degradation of PPE increases hospitals and workplaces to at risk infectious pathogen exposures, and these concerns drove the development of the Rushlight™. Using UV (ultraviolet light) technology, The Rushlight™ sterilization method provides rapid disinfection to PPE as well as handheld equipment and has proven to be simple, safe, and effective for infectious pathogen decontamination.

The pandemic accelerated the development and rollout of the Rushlight™. However, its original production purpose was to target and minimize the spread of harder to kill organisms such as C. diff. This preventable infection alone claims thousands of lives and costs the US health care system billions of dollars. Hospital acquired C. diff infections result in an average hospital stay of 14.6 days and cost the US health care system an estimated $32,000-$42,000 per case.

The Rushlight™ is a safe, effective, and reliable point of care device that will deliver rapid sterilization, disinfection, and decontamination of infectious pathogens. The Rushlight™ provides consistent and reliable results using chemical-free UV technology to all targeted surfaces simultaneously. The Rushlight™ is safe, effective, and built to last.



John-Paul Bonansigna
CEO, Forge Applied Science & Technology

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