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Forge has developed a novel point of care sterilization device using UV-C light in an optimized reactor, The Rushlight™ 1.0 MOD 0. The MOD 0 facilitates rapid sterilization/disinfection of personal equipment thus bolstering the safety of healthcare providers nationwide as well as limiting the spread of hospital acquired infections. The Rushlight™ reactor’s design addresses all concerns for the safe and effective use of UV-C technology published by the NIH.

The current pandemic has strained healthcare systems globally and many institutions have been forced to find ways to reuse resources that were once considered disposable. The Rushlight Reactors are safe to use on PPE when rationing and supply shortages necessitate re-use.

Sterilization units can be placed at nursing stations throughout the hospital or clinic setting, allowing for seamless, rapid sterilization of items taken between patient rooms including but not limited to stethoscopes, N95 masks, or glucometers. The device is user friendly and can be operated by any healthcare provider with minimal training. The Rushlight™ and Rushlight XL™, are in final stages of development and testing with added safety features for the home and office setting.

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Forging Ahead

Currently, Team F.A.S.T is focused on efficient and economical solutions to problems arising from the pandemic that will have lasting utility in the post-pandemic World.

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