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The Rushlight™

Rapid point of use sterilization

The Rushlight™ confirms delivery of a germicidal payload using any of the 4 selectable cycles. Effective sterilization can be achieved on all surfaces simultaneously in as little as 18 seconds. Cycle 4 can deliver the maximum exposure that CDC guidelines suggest can be utilized without hastening degradation of N95 filters, in 135 seconds or less. The user can select an appropriate cycle by visual estimation of the total capacity of the reactor to be used. To sterilize 4-6 N95 masks, cycle 2 would be selected and the fused quartz stages would be in the high shelf configuration. Most handheld equipment can be sterilized using cycle 1 between patient interactions without causing any delay in care. The growing body of peer-reviewed literature suggest that UV-C levels delivered by the Rushlight™ Reactor will yield a 99.9999% or greater reduction in all pathogens of concern in the hospital setting without damaging or accelerated the degradation of equipment.
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The Rushlight

Take Disinfection
To The Next Level

Weighing in around 20 pounds, it may be easily transported to facilitate rapid disinfection or supplemental sterilization in any setting.

Rapid Sterilization

Rapid Sterilization

The significantly reduced exposure time will minimize warping and degradation of PPE.

Quality You Can Trust

Quality You Can Trust

Our products are made in the USA and third party tested.

Antimicrobial Coating

Antimicrobial Coating

Coated with proven non-toxic antimicrobial hard coatings.

Easily Portable

Easily Portable

Outfitted with carry handles and weighing around 20lbs, The Rushlight 1.0 MOD 0 can be easily transported

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Rushlight™ RUSHLIGHT 1.0 MOD 0™
Power 26W 72W
UV-C Germicidal Bulbs 2x13W 4X18W
Real Time Monitoring of UV-C Sources YES YES
Timer NO NO
Confirmation of Delivery of Lethal Payload YES YES
Omnidirectional UVGI YES YES
Free of Obstructions to UV-C Sources YES YES
Stage F.A.S.T Reusable Stage 2 Fused Quartz Stages/2 Independently Configurable Heights
Construction outer envelope TBD Precision Machined .060" Aluminum
Dimensions 13.5"x15"x7.5" (LWH) 18.6”x13.4”x14.8 (LWH)
Weight 11 pounds 19.2 pounds
Capacity 594 cubic inches/.34 cubic feet 1340 cubic inches/.78 cubic feet
Selectable Cycles 2 4
Enclosure Coating Antimicrobial Clear Coat Fingerprint Proof Hard Coating Using Proven Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology
Safety Features Full Shielding, Kill Switch, Locking Full Shielding With Integrated High Absorption Surfaces, Kill Switch, 2 Stage Latching System
Time to achieve Supplemental Sterilization 190-240 seconds <20 seconds
Time to achieve CDC's maximum recommended exposure 21mins (est.) 100-135 seconds
3rd Party Validation YES YES
Made in America YES YES

All Rushlight internal reactors self sterilize each cycle, and technical coatings employed on internal surfaces are highly resistant to biofilm formation.

All Rushlight reactors are designed with considerations for ease of disinfection of the outer enclosure in addition to antimicrobial coatings with proven efficacy.

A Smarter way
to Disinfect at

Work & Home

A Smarter way to Disinfect at Work & Home




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Sterilization you can TRUST
Sterilization you can TRUST


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